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Spam Poetry Challenge – Want to Participate?

Spam Poetry Challenge – Want to Participate? #amwriting

Poem challenge

I hereby challenge you in a writing duel :D Photo Source: By Ildar Sagdejev (Specious), CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I was clearing out my Spam folder for comments here at WordPress and had an idea – imagine that?! I want to challenge you bloggers to a Spam Poetry Challenge.

Here are my rules to participate (it’s easy!):

  • Take any four lines from comments in your Spam filter…

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A Guest Blog with Christy

A Guest Blog with Christy

Christy Birmingham:

I am pleased to guest post over at “Artistry With Words” today! Come join us :) My post on Bill’s site provides tips for how to write an awesome gratitude list.

Smiles to you all!


Originally posted on Artistry With Words:

Welcome back and Happy Friday!

This is a great day for me because for the second blog in a row, I don’t have to do anything. I can just sit back and…

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Short Story: Harold is So Demanding

Just published! Short Story: Harold is So Demanding #fiction

Woman sits at office desk

At the office desk. Short story time! Image via

Hi everyone! Happy new week and wishing you a great day. I haven’t written a short story here for a while so I thought today is a good day for it. Enjoy Harold’s demanding ways… or, well, you’ll see…

So Demanding

Harold hadn’t always been annoying, or at least not since the job interview two weeks ago. Then when I came through the…

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Book Review: G. B. Sholander’s Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs?

#book Review: G. B. Sholander’s Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs?

Book by G. B. Sholander

Book cover: I recommend it.

If you write online, either on the side or full-time, I recommend the book Where Are The Ghostwriting Jobs: 34 Online Markets For Entry-Level and Established Ghostwriters by G. B. Sholander. It is a helpful read and very well organized in its structure.

About the Book

In this book, author Sholander provides 34 online markets for ghostwriters. The book appeals all…

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The Writing Duel: A Poem and Question

The Writing Duel: A #poem and Question

The pen in the writing duel poem

The ballpoint pen, up close and personal in a writing duel. Photo Source: By Samsara at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Which do you prefer to use when you write, the pen and paper or the keyboard? Do you mainly type out your thoughts or do you use pen and paper instead? I use both but do mainly use the computer keyboard. I find it so much faster to type than to handwrite…

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Here is my interview with Christy Birmingham

Here is my interview with Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham:

It was wonderful to be interviewed by Fiona on her site Authors Interviews! Here is a share of the Q&A :)

Originally posted on authorsinterviews:

Name Christy Birmingham
Where are you from
Victoria, BC, Canada
A little about yourself `i.e., your education Family life etc.
I am a freelance writer who enjoys words so much! I am a mid-30s gal who likes the freedom of being…

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Flight Path: A Collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham

Flight Path: A Collaboration between Jolie Buchanan @JolieBStudios and Christy Birmingham

Collaboration of mixed media

Bring on the collaborations! Photo: ©2014 Poetic Parfait.

Bring on the latest collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham! I am so pleased with this mixed-media project as it is uplifting for both Jolie’s artwork and my poem.

We started this project a few months ago and are happy to reveal the result today. It all began with artist Jolie. She cleverly used homemade paper (made…

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Writing Process Blog Tour with Christy Birmingham

Ohhh the Writing Process Blog Tour is making the rounds and its next stop is with me! How cool is that? I get to write about writing – well, I do type a lot in a day, so I guess I know a bit, hehe!


Writing Process Blog Tour

Thank-you to Jez Farmer at The Boy Poet for the invite! Be sure to check out the site if you’re not following it already.


Wowa, watch out ((smiles))

The questions are:


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I am Made: A Poem for Canada Day

New! I am Made: A #poem for Canada Day

Canada Day with lovely flowers

Canada Day is a good time for poetry! Photo source: Kyle Pearce, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Flickr

Aha, July 1st is Canada Day and I proudly welcome it! Here is a new poem, “I am Made,” to celebrate the occasion. I’m wishing my Canadian friends a lovely holiday! For all of you wonderful Parfait peeps, I hope you have a nice week ahead full of kindness ((and hugs))!

Oh and remember to take time to smell…

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